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We chose to be different


     Opus Day?  Yes you got it! We have gained so much from our society, we grew because of an amazing society. We are eternally indebted to our great society. We have been thinking for a long …

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Artec Blocks 'Robotist' Advanced

During the last holidays(2015 Christmas) I was invited to help kids play around Artec Robotist Advanced.  I have not done anything pretty serious with Artect blocks and I had little time to get myself prepared. But I was confidence that it wont be  different from Arduino boards and  I was not di…

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South Africa: Don't touch tiger by the tail

                       For  weeks now we have witnessed well planned and targeted attacks on foreigners in South Africa. Those attacks have resulted in deaths, and untold destruction of property. And it is clearly obvious that South African security agencies have not done enough. But the issue here …

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Yesterday is gone

Then you wake you and your friends are no more there. Your workmates gone, mentors and tormentors, and even your job. Then you ask yourself why me?  You start thinking all the things you did wrong. But one thing  is certain, yesterday is past and behind you for ever. You have to realize this on time…

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Google and West Africa

Google might be a great company with great motto; don't be evil. But what it did recently  here in West Africa is pure evil. Some few years ago it opened her heart to West Africa small businesses. Encouraging them to use internet and its products in order to expand their reach. Google's  GNBO was a …

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