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Yesterday is gone

Then you wake you and your friends are no more there. Your workmates gone, mentors and tormentors, and even your job. Then you ask yourself why me?  You start thinking all the things you did wrong. But one thing  is certain, yesterday is past and behind you for ever. You have to realize this on time and wake up to your new dawn. Don't think you are the worse of the worst, and that your star has gone down. No!  Just look up and restore first your self-esteem. And walk out of that  door and start a new future, an amazing future. Your morrow will be far better than your yesterday if your try something exciting, something which you love and have infinite interest in. Note that you still have the opportunity to change your world and move up .

Don't fear failure instead pursue it, and experiment wildly. Don't walk like programmed animals, however walk like a lion. Attack whatever that comes your way, and build up your dream. Remember one thing, just one thing. That you will never fail.


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