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We chose to be different


     Opus Day?  Yes you got it! We have gained so much from our society, we grew because of an amazing society. We are eternally indebted to our great society. We have been thinking for a long time now on how best to give a token back . We lacked the financial muscle to throw party for out society -:)

However, we have started off free programming classes (using JavaScript and Python) at Port-Harcourt Craft center(public school).  Port-Harcourt Craft center is a great school, the kids out there could easily play around with  electronics components. They are building great stuffs. But they are not using computers, not even playing around with programming languages. Now, we are there to bridge this gap. We want to expose and equip them with the tools needed to build even more wonderful systems. With solid computer programming skill, the world will be in their pocket.

One may ask why are we not starting off with Arduino ecosystems based on their background, sure that is great question. But we are of the view that using only Arduino would limit them. They first need to understand basic programming concepts and structures. This will help them to be able to solve problems instead of copy and paste culture. We chose JavaScript because every web browser supports it. So, nobody spends time downloading and configuring compilers. And for Python, it is the most beautifull language . Only next to honey(We can't afford to buy one these days).

We intend to cover more schools next year(pray for us), and we would be needing  volunteers. If you have 2 hours(every week) and  wouldn't mind spending it with us, then shoot us  a mail.

Teaching is stimulating , and teaching programming is  exciting. It liberates and broadens the mind. Lets build a better society, out future starts now!!

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