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Google and West Africa

Google might be a great company with great motto; don't be evil. But what it did recently  here in West Africa is pure evil. Some few years ago it opened her heart to West Africa small businesses. Encouraging them to use internet and its products in order to expand their reach. Google's  GNBO was a great success and it indeed helped to launch the spirit of ecommerce within Nigeria and other West African countries. To some it was their first time to experiment with e-tailing.    

However , they always say that good things   don't last  forever. Just two months ago I got a mail telling me that I would be disconnected from Google internet  business  platform. And the alternative is to start paying for products we have been enjoying for free. Well, I do know that Google is in business to make money,which is the spirit of capitalism. But I expect Google to give  us six months notice and not just two months. One needs to rebuild , test  and advertise site.

This is my way of saying Good Night Google.

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