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We chose to be different


     Opus Day?  Yes you got it! We have gained so much from our society, we grew because of an amazing society. We are eternally indebted to our great society. We have been thinking for a long time now on how best to give a token back . We lacked the financial muscle to throw party for out society -:)

However, we have started off free programming classes (using JavaScript and Python) at Port-Harcourt Craft center(public school).  Port-Harcourt Craft center is a great school, the kids out there could easily play around with  electronics components. They are building great stuffs. But they are not using computers, not even playing around with programming languages. Now, we are there to bridge this gap. We want to expose and equip them with the tools needed to build even more wonderful systems. With solid computer programming skill, the world will be in their pocket.

One may ask why are we not starting off with Arduino ecosystems based on their background, sure that is great question. But we are of the view that using only Arduino would limit them. They first need to understand basic programming concepts and structures. This will help them to be able to solve problems instead of copy and paste culture. We chose JavaScript because every web browser supports it. So, nobody spends time downloading and configuring compilers. And for Python, it is the most beautifull language . Only next to honey(We can't afford to buy one these days).

We intend to cover more schools next year(pray for us), and we would be needing  volunteers. If you have 2 hours(every week) and  wouldn't mind spending it with us, then shoot us  a mail.

Teaching is stimulating , and teaching programming is  exciting. It liberates and broadens the mind. Lets build a better society, out future starts now!!

Artec Blocks 'Robotist' Advanced

During the last holidays(2015 Christmas) I was invited to help kids play around Artec Robotist Advanced.  I have not done anything pretty serious with Artect blocks and I had little time to get myself prepared. But I was confidence that it wont be  different from Arduino boards and  I was not disappointed. It have USB driver 

South Africa: Don't touch tiger by the tail

                       For  weeks now we have witnessed well planned and targeted attacks on foreigners in South Africa. Those attacks have resulted in deaths, and untold destruction of property. And it is clearly obvious that South African security agencies have not done enough. But the issue here is that of  lack of opportunities for local blacks. I really understand what they are going through and the worse is that most of them are not even employable . And the only way to vent their anger is by attacking their brothers from different mothers.                  

                       This makes sense:  get them out,  and that would create opportunities for the locals and labour cost will  go North. I feel that black led governments in South Africa have failed their people and  they have not being able to grow their economy or create the much needed jobs. This is a common pattern across Africa: where  masses of  people face limited opportunities and daily challenges. I feel that it is time for something urgent and meaningful to be done.  Time to tackle the issue of high unemployment .                                                              

                       African economy is becoming highly integrated and cross-border trades are becoming common. South Africa with its highly advanced economy is leading the charge. They have world-class companies across the continent making giant strides, taking risks, and also reaping handsome profits. Nigerian banks are everywhere in sub-sahara except South Africa. Dangote cement, a Nigerian based company, is currently running riot across Africa. This is a good development and it is likely to help spur Africa's economy. Mobility of capital across the continent has encouraged labour mobility too. But the bitter truth is this; Poorly educated and poorly equipped society is likely to be left behind. This is where majority of South African blacks found themselves now. And if they chase out their teachers , nurses, engineers, and doctors, then let them be prepared to live in stone ages.                                     

                       From the data I got from the media about 800 thousand Nigerians are living in South Africa. Some are core professionals in diverse fields helping to boost South Africa's economy and advance its technology.  However, we have others who are shop owners and  petty traders. I should also point out that we have a lot of criminals--419ers ,drug peddlers, robbers, kidnappers, and core criminals. Let's look at what Nigerians in South Africa make  in year based on remittances and South Africa's economy. I would make a blind guess of 4 000 USD which gives a total of 3.2BUSD. That is a huge sum of money. But in Nigeria you have leading South Africa  brands with virtual control of the local economy. MTN nets more than 1.5BUSD from Nigeria, however if you throw in SABMillers, IBTC and RAND banks, DSTV(a company that does not honor Nigerian courts), South Africa Airline, Shoprite, Games, Protea and SASOL into the equation then you will have about 6BUSD. So, who is milking who? Who stands to gain or lose from this wild dance?  If Nigeria decides to close her doors to South Africa businesses, South Africa economy will definitely feel the hit. 


Yesterday is gone

Then you wake you and your friends are no more there. Your workmates gone, mentors and tormentors, and even your job. Then you ask yourself why me?  You start thinking all the things you did wrong. But one thing  is certain, yesterday is past and behind you for ever. You have to realize this on time and wake up to your new dawn. Don't think you are the worse of the worst, and that your star has gone down. No!  Just look up and restore first your self-esteem. And walk out of that  door and start a new future, an amazing future. Your morrow will be far better than your yesterday if your try something exciting, something which you love and have infinite interest in. Note that you still have the opportunity to change your world and move up .

Don't fear failure instead pursue it, and experiment wildly. Don't walk like programmed animals, however walk like a lion. Attack whatever that comes your way, and build up your dream. Remember one thing, just one thing. That you will never fail.


Google and West Africa

Google might be a great company with great motto; don't be evil. But what it did recently  here in West Africa is pure evil. Some few years ago it opened her heart to West Africa small businesses. Encouraging them to use internet and its products in order to expand their reach. Google's  GNBO was a great success and it indeed helped to launch the spirit of ecommerce within Nigeria and other West African countries. To some it was their first time to experiment with e-tailing.    

However , they always say that good things   don't last  forever. Just two months ago I got a mail telling me that I would be disconnected from Google internet  business  platform. And the alternative is to start paying for products we have been enjoying for free. Well, I do know that Google is in business to make money,which is the spirit of capitalism. But I expect Google to give  us six months notice and not just two months. One needs to rebuild , test  and advertise site.

This is my way of saying Good Night Google.